The Tales of Tussar

From alluring Ajrakh to charming Chikankari each Indian state has a magnificent heritage of handcraft techniques that to date mesmerise the textile industry. At Colours of India, you find all kinds of authentic, eco-frienldy fabrics designed into a contemporary outfit that blends ancient heritage with modern apparel. 

If you are looking for exquisite pieces of fabrics that speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of our land you are at the right place. We are dedicated to bringing artisanal masterpieces to your doorstep in the most efficient and sustainable way. 

Want to know how we do it? Let’s find out.

At COI we source the majority of our raw materials from the states of Bihar and Chattisgarh. Both these states are a treasure trove of cultural diversity, artisanal heritage and abundance of ‘Tussar Silk’. Home to hundreds of handlooms and communities involved in the cultivation of silk and silk products for generations together, Bihar and Chattisgarh have established themselves as premium producers of fine quality Tussar fabric. 

The Bhagalpuri silk from Bihar and Kosa Silk from Chattisgarh are two varieties of tussar most widely used fabrics in our collection. Owing to their natural sheen, lightweight quality and affinity for dyes they make a great choice to create gorgeous outfits. The artisans are extremely skilled in making this craft and are highly dedicated to making the finest quality fabric. 

Bhagalpuri Silk from Bihar / Tussar from Bihar

Bihar is the largest producer of tussar silk in India with Bhagalpur being the hub of silk-weaving in the state. The shades produced in Bhagalpuri silk are primarily cream, light brown, beige, grey, camel colour, coffee, and gold tones.  This fabric is further used to print motifs inspired by nature, tribal art and names and footprints of deities in ochre or red. 

Kosa Silk from Chattisgarh / Tussar from Chattisgarh

Kosa silk or Tussar silk, famously known for its lightweight texture and comfort is a type of silk produced by the Dewangan community in central India in the Chattisgarh region. This tussar is valued for its purity and texture. Being a shiny, lustrous, soft silk, Tussar from Chattisgarh is extensively used to make traditional Indian dresses, including sarees, kurtas, salwar suits, shirts, and many more. Available naturally in shades of gold-pale, dark, honey, tawny, baccoto beige, creamy, etc. Tussar Silk is considered an ideal as well as auspicious wear for marriages, religious ceremonies and other important functions. 

Tussar silk is a lot more textured than any other variety of Silk. The fabric is also cooler than the other varieties and is a lot more porous, therefore, breathable. Being cooler than the other varieties of Silk makes Tussar extremely wearable in warmer parts of the world. Moreover, the dull gold texture that it radiates works as a suitable base for embroideries as well as print motifs making it the perfect choice to design gorgeous outfits on!

Whether from Bihar, Chattisgarh or any other corner of the country, Tussar has always brought its patrons an opportunity to don a rustic texture and a great drape over the years. We are delighted to showcase a range of apparel using the beautiful canvas of Tussar – a gamut of earthy rustic colour palettes and handcrafted techniques, the COI Tussar collection is the epitome of elegance.

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