The ‘Silk Capital” of India

A 2oo-year-old industry, Bhagalpur has been the centre of weaving Tussar silk. Home to more than 30,000 skilled handloom weavers, this popular city of Bihar is lovingly called the ‘Silk Capital’ of the country.  Here are some astonishing facts you must know about this stunning variety of Silk

  1. It takes approximately 3 days to finish 10 meters of Tussar Silk Cloth.
  2. It is one of the most porous (therefore breathable) varieties of silk.
  3. It is filled with every slice of Indian cultural aspects which are drawn from the intricacies of the natural surroundings, and which are symbolic in their own form.
  4. Due to the limit that the artisans set against harming worms to manufacture Bhagalpuri silk, it is also sometimes referred to as “The Peace Silk.”
  5. Bhagalpuri silk is also referred to as “peace silk” because its production style is very different from the production of all other varieties of silk.

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