The Geru Collection

A tinge of earth and a dash of red – painted over the never-ending walls of the town, some adorned with paintings in white and some with intricate patterns across the canopy…Whenever you think of Geru it’s not just the colour that comes to mind, it’s the peculiar earthy fragrance that lingers for a while or even brings up a memory or two of the good old days. 

Whenever someone talks about this beautiful earthy colour of Geru, a series of picturesque frames run across the mind.  Geru-coloured walls, colourful leheriya dupattas and lehengas hanging all across the market and the super warm and loving people of Jaipur. Jaipur is a designer’s den for some, a food lovers paradise for others, an emotion expressed differently by different people. Owing to this intimate experience with Geru our first collection” Gerua” is an ode to our founder’s hometown- Jaipur, an ode to those beautiful childhood days. 

“No matter your age, interest or background, our Jaipur has something for everyone.”

Whether you visit this town as a kid or an adult, the scenic frames leave an impression in your mind that lasts forever. An embodiment of this eternal beauty is the Gerua collection by Colours of India. 

“When we sat down to work on our first collection, our inspiration, our end goal was to incorporate the spirit of the pink city into the collection. We wanted to create a collection that is not restricted to one’s body type or age. We wanted something that speaks about our rich traditional craft techniques of our country combined with modern aesthetics and designs language.GERU is that dream fulfilment for us. It’s an ode to the bright, cheerful and super warm ( quite literally and otherwise) city that is the perfect blend of modern yet rooted in its traditional sensibilities.”

On a technical note, apart from being a bright, deep pigment, Geru holds great significance in Indian culture. Various art forms that put India on the map of heritage use Geru as their canvas. The Aipan paintings of the Himalayas, the Saura Paintings of Odisha and the like of such use Geru extensively to create magnificent tribal art. For Aipan it is believed that using geru invokes a divine power which brings about good fortune and deters evil. For Rangoli / Kolam in India, it is said that a coat of geru powder should be first applied before creating a particular pattern as Geru has a holy significance. The brick colour is considered to be sacred in the Hindu Culture.

Many more reasons like these make GERU an important part of Indian culture. And what is truly Indian is what you find at Colours of India. So, dig in and find yourself a beautiful Geru-coloured outfit and flaunt it elegantly!

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