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The Tales of Tussar

From alluring Ajrakh to charming Chikankari each Indian state has a magnificent heritage of handcraft techniques that to date mesmerise the textile industry. At Colours of India, you find all kinds of authentic, eco-frienldy fabrics designed into a contemporary outfit that blends ancient heritage with modern apparel.  If you are looking for exquisite pieces of […]

The ‘Silk Capital” of India

A 2oo-year-old industry, Bhagalpur has been the centre of weaving Tussar silk. Home to more than 30,000 skilled handloom weavers, this popular city of Bihar is lovingly called the ‘Silk Capital’ of the country.  Here are some astonishing facts you must know about this stunning variety of Silk It takes approximately 3 days to finish […]

Colours Of India

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