Colours of India is a platform that brings India’s numerous art and craft techniques to you in an extraordinary, eco-friendly manner. Keeping in line with India’s rich traditions of respecting and caring for the environment, we aim to promote and include these artisanal & sustainable methods into our daily lives with our products.

Colours of India is a concept infused with the goodness of Indian Textiles, the fragrance of natural, environment-friendly dyes and the richness of our ancient ‘Craft Techniques’. An amalgamation of authenticity, incredibly talented artisans and a contemporary outlook to make products that transcend time and season is what Colours of India is all about.

Our Motto

“Doing more and better with less”

With the motto of doing more and better with lesser damage to the environment, we aim to escalate gains of net welfare from ‘Indian Craft Techniques’ by minimising the use of resources, reducing pollution and degradation whilst also increasing the life quality of the artisans’ community. It entails a systematic approach to include the entire supply chain right from the use of organically produced textiles to non-plastic packaging that ensures the environment is preserved and protected

Unsustainable means of production and consumption lead to textile wastage and degrade the environment & social ecosystems. Mass production is another reason why production methods are shifting towards unfair trade practices with our art & craft suffering the major blow. That is why at Colours of India we do not overproduce.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a unique identity of Indian art and craft techniques. With powerful communication, Colours of India can generate ethical curiosity within the customers.

We love to work with crafts that are indigenous to India. With a major focus being on handcrafted and handmade, the Colours of India is set out to turn our craft forms into a luxurious experience for our customers.

Our Products

We believe, that by fusing traditional and modern designs that are inspired heavily by elements of nature and historical Indian monuments we can create a product line that celebrates the richness of our indigenous craft techniques.

Each product of Colours of India is a reflection of India’s glorious past and bright future. Whether it is Ikkat, Ajrakh or Block printing, our craft techniques are presented beautifully by master artisans practising the art for generations.

Colours of India makes every product using the finest fabrics for you to cherish forever!

Why Colours of India

In our endeavour to bring together ancient art & craft techniques of India and contemporary consumption patterns of modern times, the Colours of India also takes into consideration the adverse effects the textile industry has on the environment. In a bid to minimise the carbon footprint the textile industry leaves, we are rigorously working towards establishing methods to realise artisanal textiles with as little damage as possible.

By keeping our practices ethical we hope to deliver the satisfaction of buying an environment-friendly product along with the glorious feeling of owning an article of craft legacy.

We aim to create a brand that preserves and enhances the sustainable techniques of the Indian Art and Craft Industry. In order to do that we strictly keep away from “Mass Production” as it leads to artisans abandoning their ancient, eco-friendly techniques to adopt faster, unsustainable methods of production. We also “Ensure Transparency in every step” where right from the procurement of fabric to final packaging everything is scrutinised for sustainability and only eco-friendly methods are used.

Seals of Sustainability

Colours of India is committed to caring for our planet to the core

Here are our actual commitments that fortify the promise of eco-friendliness and transparency.

India’s organic certification standards for the handloom industry are set by various authorities to ensure transparent practices and sustainable means of production are followed strictly.

The Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI) and the AGS textile testing laboratory are the certifying agencies for silk and bamboo products respectively. Along with these two, the Handloom Mark, a Government of India’s initiative to provide a collective identity to the handloom products in India is another certification that grants authenticity to products. All these serve as seals of guarantee for the buyer ensuring that the product purchased is genuinely hand woven from India. 

At COI we ensure our products are made from certified fabrics only.

Sustainable fabrics are made from natural or recycled materials, aiming to reduce harm through the production process, fiber properties, or overall environmental impact. These fabrics can also contribute to the reduction of waste, water conservation, lowered carbon emissions, and soil regeneration—though, as mentioned, there isn’t one fabric that is entirely sustainable. India has an abundance of sustainable fabrics such as Tussar silk, Kala cotton, Bamboo fabric and more which are widely used in our collection. 

Apart from fabrics, even the colours and dyes used are natural and eco-friendly such as the Azo-Free dyes.  These dyes do not consist of nitrogen-based compounds which liberate amines. They are eco-friendly and eliminate the use of toxic compounds. Azo-free dyes are low-impact dyes also referred to as fibre-reactive dyes making your clothes climate-conscious and sustainable.

Brand tags made using recycled newspaper and plastic-free packaging are some of the steps we have taken to ensure we do not contribute to plastic waste. All your products will come in a Cotton Bag that is easy to store, reuse and extremely eco-friendly.

Our Core Values- The Sacred 7


Being absolutely transparent with our customers to build trust and fulfil all the promises made in terms of quality, sustainability and craftsmanship. We regularly screen our supply chain to ensure all standards of quality are met.

Use minimum resources, waste none! 

Whether it is textile, water, electricity or any essential element of production the wastage is curtailed or recycled. Textile waste is repurposed into small home decor items, excessive water used in natural dyeing is treated and used for irrigation purposes and most of our work is done during daylight to avoid excessive electricity usage.


We treat the entire artisan community as our family and caring for them the same way. We do not overproduce because it’s not just bad for the environment, it also affects the health of our experienced team members to a huge extent. Give us some time and we will get your product made with loads of love and care.

We hold great passion for our motherland India. From Indian Art and Craft techniques to ancient Indian wellness practices, we embrace them all not only on our platform but also in our daily lives.

Staying true to our commitment to delivering world-class craft techniques-based products to our customers across the globe is our prime focus. We aim to deliver 100% genuine products as we understand the huge responsibility that comes with promoting India’s heritage craft.

We firmly believe in strengthening and supporting our community. We are committed to growing together by making sure our artisans grow with us. Our artisans are the sole reason we exist and their hard work is the foundation of the Indian handloom and handicraft Sector. All the products you see on our page are a result of teamwork by all of us.

Striving for financial and social growth for all the artists with every milestone we cross and respecting their talent is the foundation of our business. Our artists are our backbone, our strength and the very reason for our existence. We truly believe that their talent and hard work need utmost appreciation and respect.